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Persuasive Essay on Media Violence

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Does the media presented in our society, by television and computer games offend you? If you said, yes, you are not alone. There are millions of people out there that who find what their eyes are watching is offensive. And there are many other people out there that who don’t find the media offensive and others who might be offended but believe in the first amendment. This paper is going to look at three articles, all written by different people, which propose the three? (Anyway, you should keep open the possibility that more than 3 views are possible.) different sides there are to media violence.

Does watching the media violence, make up all the violence a child display? Subject/verb No, according to Richards Rhodes article, “Hollow Claims about Fantasy Violence” in which he makes a point that violence in America isn’t all caused by violence on television. Experts say that by delete by just watching violence on the television, doesn’t make us violent in real-life. Studies have shown that with the increase of violence on television, which delete the homicide rates in America have been declining, even though the violence on television is rising. Many say that violence isn’t learned from mock violence, but is learned from the real-life encounters we have with violence, beginning with the beating of children by their parents when they are younger, or by peers. Even though there is evidence supporting that entertainment promotes violent behavior, it only accounts for about 10 percent of our violence, the rest coming form outside influences (328). Explain where Rhodes gets this 10% figure from. The violent behavior that is displayed by young children or by grown adults is said not to be caused by watching mock violence, but rather is caused by other factors that have happened in their lives.

Shooting, yelling, and killing. Some of the crimes committed today, are being committed by killers acting out video games they have played at home. Marching through large buildings and using various bombs and guns to pick off victims is a conventional video game scenario (330), and in the essay by John Leo, When Life Imitates Video, he explains that violence today is in an act enactment? of video games kids play everyday. In his story, he explains how the killers of the Colorado massacre ran through the hallways “crackling and shouting as though playing one of morbid video games they loved” (330). Do the kids playing these games know the difference between fantasy and reality? Many don’t, and use the video games as a “dress rehearsal for the real thing” (331). Many kids use the video games they play today as lessons for the real life thing. For example, the schoolboy shooter in Paducah, Ky, coolly shot nine times, hitting eight people , five of them in the neck or head, which gives bonus points when played in a video game (331). And now even the army is using hyper violent video games for training purposes. In many new video games the player is no longer the hero but the sociopath killer, killing elderly woman, pedestrians, and innocent by standers in video games. Even with cops showing up more in video games, kids are supposed to shoot them because they are labeled “the bad guys”, and this killing makes is more easier to shoot them in real life. Therefore, “pilots use flight stimulator, drivers on driving stimulator, and children on murder stimulators” (331).

In John Grisham’s story, Natural Born Killers , he writes about how to innocent teenagers, both with no past history of violence can watch one movie and be greatly influenced by it. The movie the teenagers watched was a movie about two lovers who decided to travel across the country and while doing so, kill 52 people in the process. Well, the two teenagers in the story see this movie and decided to act it out. But Hollywood is partially to blame; if they didn’t make movies about killing sprees, and all the money you get from killing, kids now and days nowadays wouldn’t watch these movies and imitate them. But the two kids in this story were not at all rephrase. This sounds persuasive. to blame. They both were found partially at fault and the other half of the fault came from the kids watching the movie. Explain/develop further.

Does watching the television, playing a video game, really influence our behavior? It might, and there are many sides to this issue and many debated that come from this topic. Many think that media does affect a person and their actions, and other think that is had nothing to do with it and it is just who we are. But you decided tense if media plays a part in violence or not.

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Persuasive Essay on Roy Moore

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In September 2001, Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore unveiled a stone monument of 10 Commandments. Thompson, a federal judge, told him he must remove the statue. After refusing to obey the judge’s order, the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission suspended him. In response to the suspension, Moore said, “It’s not about a monument. It’s not about religion. It’s about the acknowledgement of almighty God.” He also said, “It is a sad day in our country when the moral foundation of the law and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge.” It is illegal for him to display the Ten Commandments in the courthouse because the law requires separation of state and church. Moore also claims that placing the monument in the state building is “not about religion” but about “the acknowledgement of God” by saying both of these statements, he is contradicting himself. In addition, Moore is trying to get attention and publicity by defying the federal judge.

Although Moore believes that many of our laws are based upon the Ten Commandments, these laws are also founded on separation of church and state. This means that America cannot have a set religion and that religious matters must stay separate from the government. By putting the Ten Commandments monument in the courtroom, this law is being violated. Separation of church and state is vital for Americans to worship freely and have religious tolerance. By acknowledging God in the courtroom, Moore is breaking this tolerance. He is also violating the First Amendment of the Constitution, which states that all American citizens have the right to freedom of religion.

When Moore explains his reasons behind placing the Ten Commandments monument in the courtroom, he contradicts himself. He claims that it is not about religion it is about acknowledging God. Many religions, including Christianity, are based on the acknowledgment of God; therefore, if he wants to acknowledge God, he is promoting a specific religion, and not keeping church and state separate. God is recognized in other ways, like the “Pledge of Allegiance” and on America’s currency. It is not imperative to recognize God through a monument. People who believe in God do not have to be reminded, and people lacking religious beliefs will not change their views due to a statue.

The removal of the Ten Commandments monument would not make God “hidden from the public view” because God is acknowledged in other places such as churches and synagogues.

Moore’s motives behind placing the monument in the courtroom are also in question. He snuck the statue into the courtroom at two o’clock in the morning, knowing that he was breaking the law. After the judge ordered him to remove it, Moore refused. He is trying to gain both positive and negative publicity. Many people have come from all over the country to protest in front of the courthouse. Protests are generally viewed as negative but Moore is using them to his advantage by making him known across America.

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Persuasive Essay on Democracy

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Democracy is certainly the best form of government. I mean if we had a monarchy, oligarchy or a tyranny, life would me very different. Remember when we had a monarchy? Our king was very unfair to us. He also relied on wealthy landowners and nobles to help defend his land from invaders. If we decide to switch back to having a monarchy, our king might be unfair to us again. He might not be able to provide a powerful army for us. I we don’t have a powerful army, we could lose at war and then we would have to suffer. I don’t want at all a monarchy. Do you?

When we had an Oligarchy, I have to admit that our leaders improved the government of the city-states, but they also caused a lot of problems too. They couldn’t really manage the city-states. In some of them, there were food shortages, and many people had to starve. Many farmers lost their land and were forced into becoming slaves. Where is the love? If the oligarchs did not rule well, how can we think of switching to an oligarchy? If we did, our leaders might cause some more problems for us, and maybe we would have to be forced into becoming people’s slaves! Oligarchy is not my kind of government.

Having a tyranny was even worse than an oligarchy. I can’t believe so many people supported tyrants because they promised to reform laws and aid the poor. In the beginning, they were really nice, and I thought this form of government was actually going to work out. They canceled all debt, and they allowed people besides nobles to talk in the government. They taught us that by coming together, they could make changes. But do you remember how greedy some were? And do you remember what Hippies did? He was so harsh and finally after a lot of struggling, we threw him out of Athens.

Then we came to our senses and we decided that we should put the power in ourselves. We should all be making the decisions. And it also worked. Everyone came together and helped make decisions. It united all of us, and that is what is important.

Democracy allows us to make our own choices as an individual and also as a community. Democracy is important because it gives everyone a say in the government. With democracy, everyone is treated fairly. And that is why democracy is surely the best form of government.

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